Our history

Harmony Music Studios was founded by Ioana Sherman in 2009. Ioana discovered her passion for teaching music when she accepted her first teaching position at the age of 17 in a local music store. At the time, she was completing a degree in music education and accepted the job as a way to pay for college. Little did she know that this experience would plant the seed to one day open her own music studio.

In 2006, life brought Ioana to central North Carolina. A few months after arriving, she began teaching privately again while looking for her first job as a public school music teacher. In a short time, Ioana had a full waiting list of students and realized she was living out her passion of enriching lives with the gift of music. Combining her work with her passion, Ioana started her own small business: Ioana's Music Lessons. 

In February 2009 Ioana received a life-changing email from Intuit, which asked three key questions: Do you own a small business? Does your small business need $$$? Do you have a small business story you would like to share? Ioana’s answer was yes, yes, and yes! Spirit filled with excitement, she caught a glimpse of achieving her dream to open a music studio. With the support of her friends, family, and students, Ioana made it through as 1 of 50 finalists in the small business grant competition.

The final round of the competition required each business to make a short video that captured its story. The next two weeks were consumed with getting as many votes as possible! On June 4, 2009, Intuit announced that Ioana's Music Lessons was the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and Harmony Music Studios was born. 

Harmony Music Studios held its grand opening in October of 2009 and is committed to serving the community with quality music education for years to come.