Frequently asked questions


How do in-home lessons work? 

In-home piano lessons are conveniently located in the comfort of your home. For piano students this means that teachers can work with students on the instruments they are actually practicing on and advise on best practice methods! Families are encouraged to provide a quiet area, free from distractions to ensure a successful lesson. 

What length of lesson should my child start with and how often are lessons?

For younger students (ages 5-7), we recommend beginning with 30 minute lessons.  For older students, you can choose between 30, 45 and 60 minutes. If your teacher recommends longer lessons and has availability, we can always increase the length of your child’s lesson.

Lessons take place weekly during the school year and run on a semester basis. During the summer, students have more flexibility to work around travel schedules. 

Can I begin lessons with just a keyboard?

Yes!  Many of our students start with a good keyboard in their home.  We are happy to help with recommendations!

How often should my child practice? 

Beginning students usually start by practicing 4-5 days a week for ten or fifteen minutes each time.  Practice time will gradually increase with experience. 

Is my child old enough to begin lessons?  

We offer in-home music lessons to ages 5 and up (including adults)!  

I am an adult and have never taken lessons before.  Can I learn?  

Yes!  Absolutely!  We teach several beginner adult students. These lessons are simply a relaxing and fun learning experience and recitals are completely optional!